Field Research and Quality Assurance

An efficient mobile workforce verifies data on-site across a wide geographic area
to provide the most accurate information possible.

In-person and On-site Verification

  • Field Survey crews visit the physical location of every point of interest in our databases

  • In-person visits ensure that the data is fresh and accurate, and not reliant on other sources
  • Superior to remote/passive survey techniques

Experienced and Proficient

  • Our typical Field Survey crews are experienced, skilled, and love working in the field.
  • Our average Field Survey crew member has over six years of experience working for us, thereby honing the skill and know-how required to get the precise information we need accurately and efficiently.
  • Low turnover results in fewer orientations and re-training sessions, meaning that we can focus on fine tuning, maintaining, and expanding our coverage area.

Capable and Savvy

  • There are no conditions, situations, or locations that we have not encountered in the field before
  • Highly adaptable, flexible, and mobile workforce
  • Coverage area: North America, Central America, South America