About Zenrin USA

Philosophy Company ProfileZENRIN CO., LTD. was founded in 1948 in Beppu, Oita Prefecture, Japan as a publisher of tourist maps. From there, we began to develop precise residential maps, which proved to be a big hit due to the less-than-standard address system found in Japan. Our current residential maps cover 99% of Japan’s cities, towns and villages. In 1984 Zenrin developed an original, computer-based mapping system in order to provide high-quality information for general public use. Using this technology, we have successfully compiled a cartographic database covering all of Japan. This database is widely used in the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software used by many corporations and municipalities. Zenrin Group companies generate products across diverse industries, including mobile navigation, mobile advertising, printing, publishing, GIS, research & development, and software development.

Zenrin is also expanding its opportunities overseas through original mapping technology and know-how. In China, Zenrin has opened cartographic data processing offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. In Europe, the United States, and Taiwan, Zenrin produces navigation software for in-car navigation systems. In India, Zenrin collaborates with local map companies to share technology and expertise in producing maps for the fast developing infrastructure there.

In April 2000, Zenrin’s U.S. branch was incorporated under ZENRIN USA, INC. We provide software and expertise to automobile and navigation systems hardware manufacturers. Zenrin is also continuing to explore collaborative efforts with other electronics and auto manufacturers. Zenrin field surveys throughout North America, Central and South America to integrate into navigation software. Businesses, organizations, and travelers nationwide utilize this data in a variety of applications and settings.